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Alden Radford is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is the deputy fire chief of the Austin Fire Department. He debuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by guest star Kyle Secor.


Recruting Owen

In "Pilot", he goes to New York with Beth Healy from the Department of Justice to ask Owen to rebuild the 126 after an explosion happened and killed all but one firefighter on the scene. First, Owen declines the offer because he's been in New York all his life and TK lives here too but after TK's overdose, he realises that they both need to get out of town and he accepts Radford's offer. While they're rebuilding the firehouse, Radford gives Owen some resumees and Owen asks him about Mateo who's cleaning his car, Radford tells him that he never passed the exam so he hired him as his driver. Owen thanks him for the resumees but tells him that he's casting for people all over the USA.

In "Friends Like These", Radford learns that Owen has lung cancer from Billy Tyson and he's concerned about Owen staying on the job and also for his team and the victims. Owen tells him that he's fine and to prove it he'll run the physical exam.

In "Bum Steer", we can see Radford and Owen shaking hands and Owen announces the 126 that he's staying as their captain after saving Billy's life and completing the physical exam in some ways.


In "Dust to Dust", Radford announces to Owen that he's going to retire soon and that he wants Owen to be his successor because after what Owen did with the 126, it made Radford wonder what Owen could do with the whole department. Owen doesn't answer him right away and later, we learn that after a talk with Owen, Billy came to see Radford and asked him for the job.



Owen Strand

Radford is very impressed by Owen's work and considers bringing him to Austin was the greatest accomplishement of his career.


  • He states that bringing Owen to Texas was the greatest accomplishment of his career. ("Dust to Dust")


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