"2100°" is the second episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and the twelfth episode overall. It aired January 25, 2021.


After a volcanic eruption wreaks havoc in Austin, the members of the 126 race to save lives at a college pool party, a family's mini-golf outing and a woman trapped in her food truck by a horde of scorpions. [2]



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

  • Derek Webster as Charles Vega
  • Sharif Atkins as Victor
  • Kim Matula as Lily
  • Spencer Neville as Chad
  • John Karna as Spence
  • Katie Chang as Elise
  • Tyler Perez as Brett
  • Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez as Jessica
  • Nicolas Cantu as JJ
  • Brianna Baker as Nancy Gillian
  • Mark Elias as Tim Rosewater


  • Greg Ainsworth as EMC Chris Reyna
  • Nina Concepcion as Bree
  • Johari Johnson as News Anchor
  • Albert Kong as Zach
  • Joanne Verbos as Dr. Tara Limaye
  • Atticus Woodward as Rory
  • Kelsey Yates as Isabella Vega
  • Skyler Yates as Evie Vega


  • This episode marks the final on screen appearance for Tim Rosewater's character, although he would appear in the next episode as a flashback and hallucination, haunting Owen as a result of the trauma from the incident.
  • The volcano that erupts in this episode, Pilot Knob, is a real eroded core of an extinct volcano located south of Austin, Texas.
  • As indicated later in Displaced, Tim's last call took place on January 25, 2021, the same date as the episode's airdate.

Cultural References

  • Tim mentions that Captain Blake's sister is a walking episode of Unsolved Mysteries, which had aired on and off on multiple networks from 1987-2010, and recently had been picked up by Netflix.


  • Tim mentions the time Michelle gave him and Nancy her praises on their jobs, a callback to when she did so in "Act of God".





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